Kibana map function

I am using the kibana map visualization for visualizing my elastic data. I have data on shopping mall locations. So I use the latitude and the longitude of those locations as geo-points and I created a layer on the map and show those points in the kibana map.

I need to know, does the longitude and the latitude of the shopping mall are saved in our elastic db, or are they going to be stored the data on the "Elastic maps service". Because as I see it is functioning online. Need to know my data are secured or not

Hi @Jathurshan_Sumandira Welcome to the community.

The geo_point data that you have created and indexed into elasticsearch and then displayed on your Kibana map do not get stored into the the Elastic Maps Service.

The Elastic Maps Service only provides base map layers, your data is never transmitted/ saved in that service.

Your data is transmitted from your elasticsearch through Kibana server and to the browsers and if you have setup security that will require authentication and will use SSL / TLS end to end.

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