Help with mapping location names to geo_point


I have some Location (Country) names indexed in Elasticsearch as string. I want to display it on Kibana maps. In my main index, I just have the field with Country names. Now I have another separate index with Country name and the geo_points. I would love to display the data from my main index on Kibana maps. So is there a way to do it by joining these two indices on Kibana?

Or is there another way to add data to maps directly using Location names on Kibana?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, I was able to whip up a quick example in Kibana 7.3 of this working, based on the blog article linked here:

I have some data that's mapped as:

"mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "@date": {
        "type": "date"
      "name": {
        "type": "keyword"
      "country": {
        "type": "keyword"
      "metric": {
        "type": "integer"

An example document looks like:

  "@date": "2019-08-21T21:06:13Z",
  "name": [
  "country": "SE",
  "metric": 0

I went to Visualize app > Create New Visualization > Region Map.

My Data tab looks like:

My Options tab looks like:

The blog article shows a different location of the Region Map Options, but other than that, everything works exactly like it's explained there.

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Wow!!! Thanks :slight_smile:
I'll give it a try

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