Map not displaying Name of Latitude/Longitude Location

(Eric) #1

I have geo points displaying in my map but I would like to use a label for each location. When I tally a count for each lat/long and display the point on the map , it just displays the {lat,long} values. Is it possible to designate the name of the points on the map? I would like to use one of the columns in the data.

(Jim Unger) #2

The map in Kibana is primarily to display ES aggregations, not individual data points. The aggregations are done on the geo-location points, and there is no way to automatically associate those points back to their human-readable values.

That sounds like a piece of functionality that would be useful to many people though. Feel free to open a feature request in github, or if you are up to the challenge, submit a PR! :slight_smile:

(system) #3