Geo point name configuration

Good morning, I am visualizing geographic data with points thanks to geo_point, once those points appear on the map I would like to know if I can select the name because I only get the parameter count and the number and I want the name.

As an example:

{"business_address": "666 California St", "business_city": "San Francisco", "busineess_id": "66636", "business_latitude": "37,793669", "business_location": [- 122.666152,37.796699], " business_longitude ":" - 122.666152 "," business_name ":" San Nicasio Soup Company "," business_postal_code ":" 96604 "," business_state ":" CA "," inspection_date ":" 2016-06-06T00: 00: 00.000 " , "inspection_id:": "24936_20160606", "inspection_score": 66, "inspection_type": "routine", "violation_description": "Unclean head contact surfaces"}

on the map when I put the mouse cursor over I get count: 1 and what I want to leave is the name of the restaurant for example or any other parameter, ie:

business_name: San Nicasio Soup Company
latitude: 37,793669
longitude: -122.666152

and what I do not want (this is what I get):

Count: 1
latitude: 37,793669
longitude: -122.666152

A thousand thanks in advance!

There's currently not a way to do this in Kibana, assuming that is where you want to display it(?).

But the new geo-functionality might be able to do it. Hopefully one of the folks working on that can comment :slight_smile:

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