Geo_point tile map

(Nuno) #1

Hi, i'm trying to create a Tile map on Kibana, with GEO points locations.

In logstash side, I have a filter that it's mapping the Lat and Lon properties in a "point" field as type as geo_point. When new data arrives, I can see the following mapped data structure in logstash logging:

"point" => {
"location" => {
"type" => "geo_point",
"lon" => -8.51107,
"lat" => 40.1939

In kibana side I can see the new "point" data in discover mode and all seems to be fine. But when I go to settings, index parttens, the new "point" has data type as string and not as geo_point.

kibana 4.4.0
logstash 2.3.0
elasticsearch 2.2.0

Elasticsearch request mapping output for point.location.type field:

Can someone please advise?

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Can you try refreshing your index within Kibana. Within the index under Settings > Indices, there is a refresh button.

Let me know if it still shows the field as a string.

(Nuno) #3

Hi Tyler,

Yes, I've tried to refresh and recreate a new index pattern with no success. The field remains as string.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

(system) #4