Kibana : Map for an array of locations

I have the following schema in elasticsearch index:

Person : {
      "name" : "Person-A",
      "location" : "<geo_point>",
      "companies" : [
            "name" : "Company-A",
           "location" : "<geo_point>"
            "name" : "Company-B",
           "location" : "<geo_point>"

I am trying to visualize these data in Map in Kibana by adding layers in a map. I have observed the following:

  • When I try to add a layer with person.location field, I am able to see the data on Map perfectly fine.
  • When I try to add a layer with companies.location field, I do not see anything on the Map.

Is there any way I can see companies' location on map corresponding to a person? I can't see companies on Map at all at the moment, however, if there is a way to see the locations and mappings both on the map, it'd be great.

hi @darshanmehta10,

Unfortunately, nested fields are not supported by Elastic Maps, you'd need to restructure your index to have the companies as a top level field, with one value per doc. Just as a reminder, you can use the Point to Point layer type to draw lines between persons and companies.