Kibana Point to point aggregation


I've been searching a lot about the point to point aggregation and I still have some doubts of what are the requisites to be able to make this layer.

Do I have to map a field (f.ex: source) with two sub fields (f.ex: source.origen and source.destination)??

I've tried with different location values but were in separated fields and that didn't work.

So, do anyone know how can I do this?

Thanks a lot.

hi @Pablo95

That's basically the approach, so maybe there's some missing detail.

You need an index-pattern with two different geo_point fields. One geo_point would represent the origin of the request, the other geo_point would represent the destination.

Hi @thomasneirynck

First of all, thanks for the reply.

Well, if thats the case, then I don't know why it's failing.

I have this two fields in my Index:

        "type": "geo_point"
        "type": "geo_point"

And this isn't working. That's why I thougth maybe if I create a field like:


It could work...

In my actual mapping, what could be the problem?

I'm trying to use the point to point layer in Madrid city.


Yes, the first approach is the way to go.

Can you check your Kibana index-pattern (

Does it show two geo_point fields?

Yes, it shows two geo_point fields:

And in the same index pattern.

ok thanks. that's good.

And what does it show in Maps when you try to add this point-2-point layer? Does it show your index pattern in the dropdown? What do the origin and destination dropdowns show? Are they just empty?

Yeah, actually it does.

But when i add the layer this happens:

No results found... I don't know if i'm missing something... some type of value that I should include... really don't know.

Thanks for the help!!

It might have to do with the filtering based on the current extent of the map and the nature of the data.

The point2point layer gives an aggregate view of connections between sources and destinations (e.g. for worldwide traffic in&out of data-centers). It won't show every single request to the data-center (since there are possibly millions), but aggregate requests coming from nearby locations in a single line.

In the screenshot you posted, are the destinations inside the view?

I would troubleshoot with adding two separete document layers:

  • Calle.location (sources)
  • location_aire (destinations)

Then also add the point2point layer.

Zoom out so your entire data is in the view. Does it show lines going in/out of the destinations?

Yeah the windmill is one of the destinations, and the cars are the source. Certainly they don't have common values, because windmills measure air quality and the cars traffic intensity.

I would troubleshoot with adding two separete document layers:

  • Calle.location (sources)
  • location_aire (destinations)

You mean like this?

Still no results found...

thanks, that's helpful. So we'd expect to see lines between the blue cars going to the green windmills.

I'm not sure what the issue is.

Could you create a bug report here?

What would be helpful to include is a number of sample documents, and an example of the _mapping of your index so we can reproduce this on our end.

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