Using Point To Point in Maps

I have an index with multiple geo_point data types that I'd like to visualize in Maps using the new point to point data source. However, it tells me Selected index pattern does not contain source and destination fields. Do I need to reindex my data with another field type or create a scripted field?

I checked the source, and that error is shown because it expects your index pattern to have two different fields of type geo_point. Each document would need to contain a source and destination field to use it.

Well at the moment, I have three different fields of type geo_point.

Is this to say I would need at least two geo-point fields to designate source and destination or my mapping needs to identify a source field and a destination field? I don't see in the Elasticsearch documentation under geo-point an option to set source/destination.

I looked into this closer and it is the second one: your mapping and index pattern must contain two geo_point fields such as this:

  "source": { "type": "geo_point" },
  "dest": { "type": "geo_point" },

If your mapping contains that, but your index pattern doesn't, then you need to refresh your index pattern in the Management section.

Based on the screenshot here, this would let you connect the centroids of "source" and "dest" per tile:

Ya, I noticed after posting my last response that my template had a syntax error and was not accepted so the data came in dynamically mapped as text.

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