Unable to reference geo_point type field

I know I'm missing something simple, I have an index built from my firewall log events and in Kibana/Discover I have a SourceIPGeo.location.lat and SourceIPGeo.location.lon but when I try to make a map visualization I get the dreaded no geo_point found in index. Would SourceIPGeo.location be the geo_point? In my index management screen I see the two lat and lon fields listed as numbers but no entry for the SourceIPGeo.location field, it's like that field isn't being treated as a field.

I'd suggest you have a look at https://www.elastic.co/blog/geoip-in-the-elastic-stack (shameless plug) as it's got a few approaches to solving this.

But you need a single point that has been appropriately mapped, and it looks like you have two individual fields.

I have eight fields :slight_smile: DestinationIPGeo.longitude, DestinationIPGeo.latitude, Destination.IPGeo.location.lon, DestinationIPGeo.location.lat and the SourceIPGeo set. In my logstash I'm using geoip to populate the fields and in my template mapping I've got the DestinationIPGeo.location and SourceIPGeo.location mapped to type geo_point. When I pull the template from ES I don't see the correct type set for the location fields, just the two lon and lat fields set to float. According to the geoip page I need to modify the output template so ES will treat DestinationIPGeo.location as a geo_point. Hopefully that will fix this.

Is there something I can do with scripted fields to build a geo_point for all the indexes I've already injested?

Unfortunately not.

The right answer here was to create a mapping template to set the correct field types when the index is created.

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