Geo_point data does not show in coordinate map

I have an application which publishes some data into the elasticsearch. The is a field with the type geo_point with the following format

 "location": {
      "type": "geo_point"

and some other fields

then, latitude and longitude are sent to elastic with the format lat,long e.g. 3.443,41,44

I want to visualize the data with the coordinate map. In section Buckets of coordinate map I choose the Geo Coordinates from the drop down list
Aggregation I select the geohash ( just one possible option) and then Kibana shows the following message

No Compatible Fields: The myIndex index pattern does not contain any of the following field types: geo_point

please someone help me how to solve this problem.

Can you please share the entire mapping of the myIndexindex from Elasticsearch? e.g. [GET myIndex/_mapping](

Does the myIndex index pattern show the location field? Does the index pattern show geo_point as the type for the location field?

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