How to convert latitude, longitude to geohash

While using Coordinate map visualization, Kibana asks for geo_hash field type.
Input data is filtered to get latitude and longitude as separate values as well as in as array.
The error - The index pattern access_log* does not contain any of the following compatible field types: geo_point.

geo_hash is an aggregation that works only on certain field types. You need to change your.schema for those fields, for example to the geo_point type:

Here are some links to how to change the mapping:

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Hi Wyile,
Done with that, I forgot to implement mapping on the coordinates to geo_point.
Now the data type is converted to geo_point, but the map is not displaying any values. Its just blank.

It sounds like you might not have reindexed the data

No, I have reindexed the data. It displays count of geohash_grid to be null (-)

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