Geo point issue

(Shahar Zion) #1


i want to add a coordinate map and a im getting this error

No Compatible Fields: The "myindex" index pattern does not contain any of the following field types: geo_point

any help with that issue?


(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Can you check your index pattern fields and see if you have a geo_point data type?

If you don't, we'll have to look at how you are getting your data into Elasticsearch. Logstash? Other?


(Shahar Zion) #3

hi lee,

no i dont have this data type. im getting the data thorugh logstash with ip filter

(Lee Drengenberg) #4

Hi Shahar,

I'm going to refer you to this query of the Logstash channel of this forum for some help on getting the geopoints from Logstash;


(system) #5

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