"Getting started"-Coordinate Map - Tutorial brocken

I am going through the tutorial and I inserted logs.jsonl as described.
In the part Coordinates Map when I chose:
Buckets -> Geo Coordinates
Aggregation -> Geo hashes

I get the following error:
No Compatible Fields: The "logstash*" index pattern does not contain any of the following field types: geo_point

However when i go to discover and select the index 'logstash*' i can se perfectly well, that there is data in geo.coordinates.lon and geo.coordinates.lat

I am on 6.3.0.

Hi there, I'm unable to reproduce this. Could you share a screenshot of the entire Kibana UI when you encounter this error? Thanks.


The error message:

The actual data in the logstash* index:

Any more info needed?
It might be worth metioning that i imported the JSON-file more than once
thinking i might have not even done it yet. Needless to say i must have had because i was able to create an index for it (which is impossible without importing it previously).

This looks like it might be a legitimate bug. Is there any output in your browser dev tools console, by any chance?

I'm pretty sure this is a bug. Could you please file a bug report on GitHub? Could you please also include your OS? Thanks!

I am no web developer. I do not know what to look for nor where to look for.
Clicking through all the tabs of the dev console there was no 'smoking gun' i would have noticed.

The github bug report is up at: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/20974
My account is still flagged for no reason. Idk if it will appear right away.

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