[Kibana 7.0.1] Missing Index Patterns as Datasouce options in Maps

(Luiz Vaz) #1


What is the condition for an index to be listed as an option, either in Documents or Grid Aggregation?

My index have a field named "location" with geo_point type.
But it is filtered someway and only sample kibana data is showing.


Hi @luizvaz,

Have you created an Index Pattern for your index?


(Luiz Vaz) #3

Yes, I did.

I found the problem.
My first elastic index, mapped wrong a location field.
Instead creating a geo_point, created subproperties lat, long using float.

I created a mapping to fix that and reindexed.

Now its works:

The answer is: geo_point is mandatory.
Location as a couple of float numbers don't work.



Awesome, thanks for sharing the way you solved it!