Unable to plot map on kibana

Even though I have done the mapping on kibana still i am not able to plot the geo locations.


  • what is the mapping of your index-pattern? That location field should be a geo_point containing a valid lon/lat.
  • is there data within the time-range?
  • if you open the inspector (Inspect link on the top), what does the request and response show? do you get results back from Elasticsearch for that query?

Mapping is as follows:
PUT _template/logstash_template
"index_patterns": ["logstash_apchelogs"],
"settings": {
"number_of_shards": 5
"mappings": {
"doc": {
"properties": {
"location": {
"type": "geo_point"

  • Yes there are data within the time range and I have increased the time range

  • I am pasting the screenshot of output after checking the inspect section


the results for that query are empty. what do you see for the location field when you open up a document within that time-range in Discover?

There is no such fields known as location:

Below also there is referrer response and timestamp...but there is no any field know as location..p.s help me this problem

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