MAPS in kibana

How to Use the Maps for the index created by us.I checked with the below link

but in the above link they have provided on how to work on default index.

What is the procedure to use MAPS for the index created by user

If you create a new index pattern first, then in step 3 of creating your map layers select your index instead of sample index mentioned.

What problems are you seeing? Does your index pattern have the geospatial field mapped as geo_point or geo_shape

yea my index pattern has geolocation so i want to put that in MAPS

in this if i select addlayer-> change data source all the index are not getting listed

Can you provide your index mapping and a sample document? Do you see your index listed in the index selection?


I have almost 12+ index but ony 3 are listed out

The index pattern list filters out Kibana index patterns without geo_point or geo_shape fields.

If you do not see your index pattern in the select, ensure that:

  1. The Elasticsearch index contains a field mapped as geo_point or geo_shape
  2. A Kibana index-pattern has been created for the Elasticsearch index.
  3. The Kibana index-pattern fields lists the same geo_point or geo_shape field. Some times, fields are added after the Kibana index-pattern has been created and you must refresh the field list to pick up new fields,

ok will check it out .... Thanks

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