Default index pattern not found in kibana

Hello everyone,
I have just completed installing Kibana, but now its showing me Create index pattern page. Am not able to view the configure page as well and its not showing me the default index pattern. I have searched many pages but still didn't find any solution.Any,help will be highly appreciated.

Use _cat/indices to check what indexes exist in Elasticsearch, then you can create the pattern based on them.


I tried the same on http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices but still didn't get any solution. The page appeared to be blank.


Then you have no data in Elasticsearch, you will need to index something.

How should I put data in elasticsearch ?

Have a read of this chapter -

I was stuck on this today.

You have to have some data in elastic search before it shows the option to create an index pattern. If you want to just have any data so you can continue, execute the command below to create an index with some data, then refresh Kibana.

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -XPOST 'http://localhost:9200/brand/default/87580880 '-d '{"id":87580880,"name":"cool data"}'

For complete beginners like myself this is confusing.

Yes, I went through it .
But, was not able to figure out the solution.

just follow the load sample data part exactly as it is you will be able to load the examples they provided. Once you have experience in playing with the samples you will have an idea of what to do :slight_smile:

Just download the files and use the dev tools in kibana and follow the commands. For the curl commands use your terminal

Thank you kanthimathi , I got the desired result :slight_smile:

Hello, I encountered a new issue. Am not able to visualize Coordinate maps . Whenever am trying to visualize its showing me the following error "Could not retrieve manifest from the tile service: status-1" What should I do now?
Any help will be highly appreciated.
Ankita Mukherjee

You may want to create a new thread for that different question :slight_smile:

Thanks !
Ok let me create one :slight_smile:

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