Kibana Getting Started Error - No default index pattern

I am a newbie trying to get local Logstash and Kibana working on my Win7 laptop with Elastic Search Found in the cloud. On firing up Kibana which I configured to use my Found instance, I get the error: "Warning No default index pattern. You must select or create one to continue." How do I do that?

Have you put any data into your Found cluster?

Yes, I have a few (8) records into my Found cluster and can visualize them in Kibana. I can see the data in the found "/search" uri and in the Kibana v3 on Found AND in my Kibana install on my laptop. I just can't get LS to send data to the ES instance.

Did you get the index pattern created then

Yes, I learned that I had two indices and when Kibana first started it defaulted to the logstash-*. Since I did not have any data from logstash at the time, the error showed. When I finally understood that, I switched the index to my other test one, I could see data in Kibana. Thanks!

I am getting this error after my kibana started to work:

Warning No default index pattern. You must select or create one to continue.

Please keep to your own thread, this one is nearly 6 months old and has been resolved.

Hi Scott,

I have the similar problem--"No default index pattern, You must select or create one to continue". but the "Create" button is grayed out therefore I do have the opportunity to create one.

Did you say you have (8) records? How did you add these records in? Through kibana or through the command line from the elasticsearch?

I have added a couple records in the command line like:

curl -uelastic:vincent -X POST "http://localhost:9200/tutorial1/helloworld/1" -d "{ "message": "Hello World2!" }".

Is that correct?

Thank you in advance


Please start your own thread, this one is quite old :slight_smile: