No default index pattern?

Hi, I am going through the elastic search tutorial for elastic search 6. I ingested the logstash-tutorial.log data into elasticsearch. If I query elastic search using GET /_cat/indices, I get the following responses:

yellow open customer rJHq6qZKSCadxujFP5LcCA 5 1 1 0 4.8kb 4.8kb
yellow open logstash-2017.12.11 4RKCvhMQTTmToyUIjnNA8A 5 1 100 0 233.3kb 233.3kb
yellow open .kibana cfUAseOyTuqXPgmQpOzO_Q 1 1 1 0 3.6kb 3.6kb
yellow open bank xfKAxPLcSXyVWW-hEczLZQ 5 1 1000 0 488.3kb 488.3kb

However on the management tab I getting the following error

No default index pattern. You must select or create one to continue.

I am unable to proceed. How can I solve this error

The next chapter goes into this -

Ok The instructions says " Click the Management tab, then the Index Patterns tab. Click Add New to define a new index pattern"

I am using kibana 6.00. I followed this instruction, but there is no "add New" link, There is a create new, but when I enter logstash-*, and @timestamp in the timefilter field and then click create index, nothing happens.


Same problem here. Nothing happens when I click on create index.
Using Firefox Quantum 57.0.1 on a Ubuntu Desktop 17.10 VM

Hi, I am also facing the same issues. I am not able to see Add New option in my Dashboard. Is it required to have a license to get these features enabled or can we have a trial?

I updated my elk Stack to 6.0.1 with sudo apt-get update and fixed a new problem I encountered (discussed that one here: [Elasticsearch plugin is red after update]). Now I was able to create an index pattern in the normal fashion.

If the button is not allowing you to click it then it's usually because it is not finding a matching pattern in Elasticsearch.

@LeotisBuchanan you should see something like this;


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