Maps, Geoshapes, Geopoints

I'm new to Elasticsearch and Kibana.

I've created 2 indexes.
1 - Customers containing geo_point and name of location they purchased from
2 - Locations containing geo_point and name of location

I'm able to plot 2 layers to a map in Kibana and see all of my customers and locations.

My goal is I'm trying to figure out how I can add a 3rd layer or some way to visualize a 50 or 100 mile radius around my location.

I think I should be looking at a polygon geo shape, but what tools are used to generate this shape? Or am I totally missing something?

A point in the right direction would be appreciated.

What are you trying to do with the radius around locations? How many locations do you have?

What version of Kibana are you using? Starting in 7.14, there is a "drawing" layer where you can draw shapes on the map. One such shape is a circle, so you could manually draw a circle around your location. To get started with a drawing layer, click "Add layer" button. Then select "Create index" card. Enter an index name and click "Create index". After that, there are some controls for drawing features on a map. Once drawn, the features are saved in Elasticseach.

I am trying to give a visual representation of how many customers are within x number of miles from a location.

I envision:
layer 1 - Office Locations using red markers ( about 30 locations in index)
layer 2 - Customer Addresses using blue marker ( about 10,000 customers in index)
layer 3 - semi transparent circle with a center point of the office location, spanning out 150 miles from the center.

A few weeks ago I have installed Elasticsearch 7.15.2 with Kibana 7.15.2

I have followed your instructions and am able to freely draw lines, but my ideal layout is s circle based off a geoshape stretching out to the x mile coverage zone.

you can draw circles by selecting the circle icon

Hi, thanks. Is there any docs or video demonstrations on this feature? I was able to draw one circle and then it become unusable. Couldnt edit, remove or add another. The one hope I got out of it is that I see it did create an index with a geoshape. I'm hoping that if I can generate my shape with the correct distance in python, I can add it to the index here.

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