Size of geohash circle when creating a Map visualisation


I'm trying to create a map visualisation (ideally a heatmap, but shaded circles will do nicely) based on a geo_point field in my index. I've got a small index (300~ documents) that contain a "Location" geo_point field, and other fields such as temperature.

So far, I've been able to create a visualisation of this data by going to

Visualize > Create New Visualisation > Coordinate Map

Then, under Metrics selecting (for example) Average:Temperature, and under Buckets by Geo coordinates geohash aggregation.

The result is several large circles, about seven in total coverage a considerable distance (200m). This is not good, and would instead prefer smaller circles of maybe a few meters in size.

I'm quite new to Elasticsearch and Kibana so I think I might be missing how to set the size of the geo coordinate aggregation Bucket - but I can't find a way how to change it.

  • I should also add, if I view my index via the Maps tool (rather than Visualize) I can achieve what I require - small map points from my index, but can't see how I can display my metric; temperature.

Thanks for any help

I would use the Maps tool, since it's the most recent and complete addition to Kibana. For how to use it I highly recommend this webinar to everybody:

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