Feature request: Could the docker image allow more customization so that we don't have to keep making custom images based on this one

I'm trying to use the official docker image, via a helm chart. One of the problems that I keep running into is that the architecture of the current image requires customizing the docker image to make many configurations work (inheriting from the official image). I believe small changes to the image would prevent the need for this extra work.

For example, instead of requiring an overriding of the entry point script and then daisy chaining onto it in order to install the s3 repository plugin. Why not allow the original entrypoint script to check for the existence of a script at a certain path (e.g. /custom/my_custom_start)? That way customization could be done with a volume mount instead of re-creating the image.

This could also allow things like kubernetes secrets to be transferred to a keystore via a custom mount for the script and a secrets mount as well.

It'd be great if you could raise a feature request for this right here - https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-docker


I've put in a feature request here:

And proposed my own patch to add the feature here:


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