Feature request / query templates reusable

Hi all!

Please I would like to see query teamplates to be reusable on any query like this

  "template_search": {
    "params": { ....... these params will be used by defaults, child params supercedes this ones ..... },
    "query": { "id": "some_query_template", "params":  { ... } },
    "_source": { "id": "some_source_template", "params": { ... } },
    "aggs": { "id": "some_aggs_template", "params": { ... } }

Where only "query" section of some_template_name will be used.

Same feature could apply for any _search section like _source, aggs, etc

It would help developers and administrators to manage less templates and avoid duplicate templates just for small differences

Your best option is to create a new Feature Request issue on GitHub - https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/issues/

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