Feature Request - Transform devtools console output

I'm often asked for ad-hoc queries that ES answers really quickly, but I end up needing to do some kind of transform on the documents or aggs. I do this with jq, and if its a one time deal often just by pasting the output json into https://jqplay.org/ and writing the tranform there.

It would be great if devtools provided a way to enter a transformation for the query response directly. Maybe by extending the query definition syntax with a pipe operator.

e.g say I just need a list of id's from an index

GET /my-index-2017-01-01/_search
 _source: "",
 size: 1000,
 query: { ... }
} | .hits.hits[]._id
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HI Chris,

This would be a great feature request. I suggest you to open one here , as you would get updates on it if someone takes a look:


done - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/15850


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