Feed / Apache index for ECE Versions and ECE Stacks

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Is there a place where I can get a feed or easy to parse index (e.g. apache folder listening) of all ECE versions and all ECE stacks? I'd like to subscribe to those with our CI/CD systems so we can automatically download the needed files for our offline installation.
If no such pace/feed exists, is it planned to create one? (Or maybe a dedicated mailing list?)

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Hi @Lafunamor,

Thanks for opening this issue!
We do plan to introduce a mechanism that will provide in app indication when a new ECE or stack version is available. This will require internet access to fetch the information and download the new stack version.
As I guess you know there is this page which specifies the available stack versions .

Will try to follow up on where we can provide access to fetch the those in environments where there is no internet connection, possible via an on prem repo that will proxy our repository.

Hi @zanbel

Thanks for your reply!
Actually I only need a feed that's reachable from the internet but as far as I know there is currently only the page you linked containing this information. I don't want to parse a html page though, so some kind of feed or index would be really appreciated.

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Hey @Lafunamor,

ECE, ES and Kibana images are distributed using docker.elastic.co/cloud-enterprise/elastic-cloud-enterprise, docker.elastic.co/cloud-assets/elasticsearch and docker.elastic.co/cloud-assets/kibana respectively.
One option, in case you have your own private docker repository, is to proxy those endpoint and get the latest version. I can verify if the /v2/_catalog endpoint is working so you can also list the relevant images and tags if that sounds like a feasible solution.
More information can be found here.

Hi again,

Just wanted to update that tried to test it and it seems the /v2/_catalog is currently not available. Will try to check if there is another feed we can expose to make it easier to check for new versions and fetch them once available for the use case presented above.

HI @zanbel

Seems you were faster than me testing the endpoint. Thanks for the update!

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