Fetch data from a middle of a big stack using searchAfter( jump to a specific page)

Hi All
I have a large data set around 25million records
I am using searchAfter with PointInTime to walk through the data
My question is there a way where I can skip records over the limit of 10000


and start picking the records for example from 100,000 up to 105,000

right now I am sending multiple requests to Elasticsearch until I reach the desired point but it is not efficient and it is consuming a lot of time

Here is how I did it :
I calculated how many pages I needed to do the pagination.
Then the user will send a request with page number i.e number 3. So in this case only when I reach the desired page I will set the source to true.
this I best I managed to do to improve the performance and reduce the response size for none required pages

 int numberOfPages =  Pagination.GetTotalPages(totalCount, _size);

 var pitResponse = await _esClient.OpenPointInTimeAsync(content._index, p => p.KeepAlive("2m"));

            if (pitResponse.IsValid)
                IEnumerable<object> lastHit = null;

                    for (int round = 0; round < numberOfPages; round++)
                        bool fetchSource = round == requiredPage;
                        var response = await _esClient.SearchAsync<ProductionDataItem>(s => s
                            .Sort(srt => {
                                if (content.Sort == 1) { srt.Ascending(sortBy); }
                                else { srt.Descending(sortBy); }
                                return srt; })

                        if (fetchSource)
                        lastHit = response.Hits.Last().Sorts;
                //Closing PIT
                await _esClient.ClosePointInTimeAsync(p => p.Id(pitResponse.Id));

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I'm not super familiar with PIT, but can you show us the request that you are making?

Thanks for replay I updated the post

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Any feedback ?

I think the best way to do it, is how I did it

by keeping scrolling via Point in time and only loading the result when the desired page is reached by using the .source(bool)

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