Fetch from Azure eventhub and send to Azure blob storage

I am fetching (input) logs from Azure via eventhub. The content of logstash “output” looks ok in stdout, but when sending them to blob storage it only contains a emty “message” header.

I am using tuffk/Logstash-output-to-Azure-Blob plugin (https://github.com/tuffk/Logstash-output-to-Azure-Blob). The README file is very limited but https://github.com/tuffk/Logstash-output-to-Azure-Blob/blob/master/lib/logstash/outputs/azure.rb contain some examples what parameters to be used in pipeline file.

The container is updated but the content look like this:

2019-06-18T10:47:32.000Z %{host} %{message}2019-06-18T10:47:33.000Z %{host} %{message}2019-06-18T10:47:33.000Z %{host}….

no content just the host and message variables. Aren’t the logs piped from filter into output. And shouldn’t “stdout { }” be the same as the content of azure blob storage

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