Logstash output to Azure storage

I am currently importing IIS-logs into Logstash using Filebeat, and the Logstash is configured to output the documents into Elasticsearch. Now I also want to output my IIS logs to Azure blobstorage for longtime-backup purposes, but I cannot find a way to do it.

There is a working Logstash plugin for output to AWS. But I need to use Azure blob storage. I cannot find an output plugin for Azure Blobstorage in the elastic output list, or anywhere else..

Is there a way to output documents from Logstash to Azure blobstorage?

Sounds like a valuable feature to have. I guess it would look like something below.

output {
    Azure_storage {
        account => "test"
        key => "SuperSecret"
        container => "Backup_Documents"
        blobName => "nameofblob"

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