Logstash azure plugin

I am very new to logstash, and am kind of stuck how to do this part.

I copied logs from azure blob container, and was able to parse via logstash and put the records in elastic search on my local machine. Now I want to change the input so that instead of file, it gets the logs directly from the azure blob storage. I looked for plugins, but did not find anything for azure.

I am hoping I can do something like this in the input. Any ideas how to get this?

input {
azureblob {
storage_name => "abcd"
storage_key => "key"
container => "logLocation"

Got it to work.

It does not work, if you are talking about this link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32596734/logstash-azure-plugin/32700504#32700504.
Just only wasted my time.
And by the way - link inside this article is not valid. https://github.com/mspnp/semantic-logging/blob/elk/ELK/logstash-extension/inputs/azureblob.rbIt shows 404 error. And your discription is very shitty. Sorry. Nothing is clear how to do it. And you posted it very inaccurate.
It would be better if you did not write it at all.