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I have been looking over Internet in order to find a plugin for Logstash or FIlebeat in order to send data to Azure Blob Storage. I have found a plugin on GitHub:

However, it is an unofficial plugin :frowning: . I have seen that it is possible to send data to another Object Storage with Logstash:

Is it planned to develop an output plugin (Logstash or Filebeat) in order to send data to Azure Blob Storage?

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For cloud storage input and output, I think that only the s3 input and ouput plugin is made by elastic, so that is the only one that can be called official.

Here you have a list of the logstash plugins made by elastic.

In your case, to send data to Azure Blob Storage using Logstash you will need to use the third-party plugin, if it still works with your logstash version, build something to do that or use another tool that has this feature, one suggestion would be to try Vector, I'm using it to replace some logstash pipelines.

You can also create a feature request on Github for this, but this will depends on elastic to pick it up.

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