Fetch record from Multiple Table Using Elastic Search Join Query in .net

We are implementing "Elastic Search" in our one of the project in .NET. We have already started the implementing. But somehow between it, we are facing some issues.

We have transferred our SQL database to the Elastic Search's Database, and also we are getting records using it.
But further, We wants to get records from multiple tables, and also want to make joins between them. But We are unable to find any tutorial/reference regarding this for Elastic Search.

So can you please guide us how to make joins between tables in Elastic Search, and get records from multiple tables.

Please help us into this concern, so we can go further with implementing Elastic Search into our Project.

Elasticsearch is not a relational data store and does not support joins. You are therefore very likely to need to change how you model data when you move from a relational database. This often means denormalising the data, but there are a few other features that can help in certain circumstances. This is described in the Elasticsearch - the Definitive Guide, which I would recommend reading.

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WE are implementing the Elastic search in our .net project which is of nopCommerce 3.7(Open cart in .NET). In this, all the Stored Procedure and queries are predefined, and some are developed and customized by us. So it will become very time consuming and complex. So do you have any idea how we can implement the functionality of Elastic Search into nopCommerce 3.7?
Can you please guide us how can we implement this type of functionality? Hope you know about nopCommerce, so you can guide us in better way.

And thanks for your support.

I know nothing about nopCommerce, so will only be able to provide general guidelines I am afraid.

Okay, Can you please provide me the demo code or sample file for this in c#/MVC? It will really appreciable...

I am not a C# developer and have never heard of nopCommerce, so I will not be able to help with that.

Ok Thanks For Yout time

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