Fetching data from ElasticSearch Data Node removed from cluster

I am dealing with a scenario where i need to access data from Elasticsearch Data node which is not part of cluster.

Here is complete scenario:

  • Elasticsearch cluster with 5 data node, 3 master node is running in healthy state.
  • I create one index with 1 primary shard and 10 replica, to ensure each data node will have data for this index.
  • Create data for that index, lets say i create 10 documents with fixed document ids.
  • Later i remove that node from cluster and that data node has been excluded from cluster, so even if that data node starts that node can not join cluster.

Now that data node has Elasticsearch service running. Is it possible to fetch the documents i created on that node ?


If the data node is running as a standalone Elasticsearch instance (not part of any cluster), and it has data that was indexed while it was part of the cluster, you might be able to query that data directly from the node. However, this is not a typical or recommended use case for Elasticsearch.


You can not detach a node from one cluster and make it part of a different cluster while keeping data on the node. I am not sure if this was possible in very old versions, but it is no longer.