Fetching Data from Oracle using River


We are using River to fetch data from Oracle DB. In Oracle we have to use SYS_REFCURSOR inside a Stored Proc to return some result-set using SELECT query.

Does River support fetching data using SYS_REFCURSOR

(Jörg Prante) #2
  1. If you can use it from JDBC in a CallableStatement, yes.

  2. Do not use river any more, it is no longer supported. Use JDBC importer or other supported tools.


Thanks jprante for your response.
Yes we will set the "callable" : true attribute.

How do we define the ref cursor inside register attribute?
Any documentation link or refrence will also help.

(Jörg Prante) #4

At the moment, the type is restricted to JDBC types, but I can change that

I think non-standard Oracle cursor is of type -10, but I'm not sure. If you can show how you want to use the callable statements, I can maybe more helpful.

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