Fetching Data from Oracle using River

We are using River to fetch data from Oracle DB. In Oracle we have to use SYS_REFCURSOR inside a Stored Proc to return some result-set using SELECT query.

Does River support fetching data using SYS_REFCURSOR

  1. If you can use it from JDBC in a CallableStatement, yes.

  2. Do not use river any more, it is no longer supported. Use JDBC importer or other supported tools.

Thanks jprante for your response.
Yes we will set the "callable" : true attribute.

How do we define the ref cursor inside register attribute?
Any documentation link or refrence will also help.

At the moment, the type is restricted to JDBC types, but I can change that

I think non-standard Oracle cursor is of type -10, but I'm not sure. If you can show how you want to use the callable statements, I can maybe more helpful.