Fetching Documents with alias

Hey all :wave:

I have a question regarding alias.

Basically was performing some tests to check how it worked.
I created two Alias for the same Index with different routing keys and filters.
Let's say the Index is called accounts and the Alias are account1 and account2.
account1 will filter the account of a given person and account2 of another person.

If i perform a search using one of the alias, i only get documents where it matches the filter (as it is suppose to happen).

But if i perform a fetch of a document belonging to the other alias, im able to get it.

In other words the filter is not applied. Alias is just being used for its routing key.
As the query would be simply this

This seems to be the behavior by design, but just wanted to make sure.
Would appreciate if someone could confirm this is the normal behavior.

It'd be useful if you could share the details of the aliases you setup.

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