Few buckets are missing in terms aggregation result

we have day wise elasticsearch indices they do contain millions of documents and we are maintaining one rollup index of them as well, so the problem is

  1. when I used aggregation on one field on rollup index, I got some buckets in response but the problem is some intermediate buckets were missing.
  2. as soon as I increased the size of the aggregation I got those missing buckets as well in the right order.
  3. I tried both the solutions given in this link, but not a single one worked for me.
  4. any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • Is shard_size parameter supported in _rollup_search ? coz I tried some large values with it(eg. "shard_size":50000) but didn't see any change in the result, only got missing buckets when increased the value of "size" parameter in aggs (eg. from "size":10 to "size":11)

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