Field is not getting always


I am querying elasticsearch thruogh spark job and I am seeing some wired situation.

I have added one field recently to the elasticsearch and when I query throguh kibana, I am able to see that field and its values.

But when I am querying through Spark scala code/job, I am not getting this field always. Sometimes I am getting it and sometimes I am not getting this field in the search results.

Could you please help me why this is behaving like this and what I need to do to make sure that I am getting this field always when I query the elasticsearch.

I really appreciate your help and thanks in advance


Hi, Anyone can respond on the above question?

I am new to es and I am reiterating my questions again: I have added new field to index in elasticsearch. When I try to read documents in this index, I am not seeing new field which I have added sometimes and sometimes it is reading. I am trying to read thru spark job.

Could you please provide any suggestions why it is behaving like this?


I am having this same issue. I created a thread and due to no reply for a month it got removed automatically. Lets see what happens here.

Are you still facing this issue or some how you bypassed?

Looks like no one is responding and this issue is irritating.. and not getting any clue..


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