Field limitaion exception

(Hossein Yeganeh Markid) #1

Hi All,

I faced a strange issue. I have a self-defined index with "dynamic":"strict" but after some data import into the Index, got this exception: index [index-name] has been exceeded

How it is possible to occur as I think this limitation connected to the data model (fields) which is defined in the first place and disable dynamic mapping.

Please let me know if I missing a point.

Thanks in advance

(Christoph) #2

Do you have the full exception or maybe even the stack trace? Which version of ES are you using?

(Hossein Yeganeh Markid) #3

@cbuescher Thanks for your reply
I figured out the issue. Acually our create index with strict mapping was being bypassed and dynamic mapping because of the data stucture really exceeded the field limitation.

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