Field Limits and general tutorial

I'm new to elasticsearch and I've managed to set up an instance using the ELK stack. It's tough to find definitive answers and examples a full tutorial and walkthrough would greatly help new users. I'm getting several shard errors and field limit exceeded errors. I'm trying to understand why elasticserch keeps increasing the number of fields, I've increased the limit from 1000 to 3000 to 10000 and still it keeps growing, why is this happening and how to I prevent it?

Look at the data you are ingesting and make sure you are not using field names that created based on e.g. customer ids, timestamps or some other identifiers. You can use the get mapping API for one of the indices you got an error for, and this will list all fields in the index. You can then check if you have any unexpected fields.

Thanks Christian, is there a way to hard code the number of fields when setting up an index so that no fields but the ones specified are created and thus the number of fields never goes past a set limit.

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