Field 'Logon ID' not available

Hi everyone,

I'm using Kibana 5.0 for visualizing Windows Event Logs like the following:

My Problem is, that there are two Logon ID's and Kibana is using the first one to be a field, but I need the second one for filtering. What can I do? Do I have to change the mapping in ElasticSearch? I'm new to the ELK-Stack. =)

Thanks in advance!

What are you using to ingest the Windows Event Logs in kibana? There might be a way to filter that ID out in order to have it as a separate field for you.

Hello Marius,

we are using Wazuh Agents to collect the data und had to change the decoders. Thank you for your help but the Problem is solved. =)

It would be cool if you could share how you fixed the problem, for anybody else that might hit this snag.

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