Field value ACL

I have a database with basic people data like name, last name, address, etc. And for those people I have a table with contact data like email, phone, cellphone, etc.

I have that information indexed already. But now I have a request to give access to parts of the information to some users and part of the information to others.

Basic data is "free" for all users, but contact data has owners. For example, User A can access Email 1 from Person 1, but User B can't. And User B can see Email 2, Phone 1 and Cellphone 3 from Person 1... and so on.

How can I do this? I know elasticsearch has document and field ACL, but I think this needs a value level ACL... Maybe my mapping is wrong and I have to index the data in a different way.

For now, the only way I can imagine this is by making one index for each owner.

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