Field value factor ignoring fields with a value less than one

I'm having difficulty getting function scoring to work when the value is between zero and one (fractional). I want to use a reciprocal/inverse scoring function on these documents where 0.1 would be high and 10+ would be low. However, the function score query appears to ignore any document with a value less than 1.

See here example queries and document:

Any ideas what causes this or if there is a parameter I'm missing to get the function score to consider these documents?

Thank you.

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Bumping to see if anyone has an idea. Seems like a bug.

It turned out we were mistakenly indexing that property as a short when we created the index. The values still displayed correctly under normal circumstances but when the index on that field was used in a query, the values were being cast to short which rounds them down to zero and caused the symptoms.

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Thanks for replying, I stared sideways at what you were doing quite a bit and couldn't figure out what could possibly be wrong :smile: