Field value is auto-resorted while being called from scriptFunction()?


in my example, the value of my field "vectors" is an array. the mapping
looks like this.

 "vectors": {        

  "type": "float",

      "index": "not_analyzed"


for example, when I query a document by its id, part of the result might
look like this,

***************** "vectors":[3.2, 1.5, 2.2] **************

I want to use my own score function for termQuery, which is implemented in
a groovy script

however I got this in Groovy....

  doc['vectors'].values[0] = 1.5, doc['vectors'].values[1] = 2.2, ...

How do I fix it to keep the original order ?? such that
doc['vectors'].values[0] = 3.2

I'm very desperate with this scripting now ... help needed !


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