Fields removed from Filebeat Zeek Module/Pipeline

Hi team,

I need some help regarding some fields that are being removed from one version to another. I am using ES 7.13.2. Some fields from this Zeek module/pipeline were available under older ES/ ECS versions, that are currently not available anymore. I am using Zeek 4.0.0

Unavailable fields:

Zeek. Connection: temp.duration, zeek.connection.local_orig and zeek.connection.local_resp

Other: network.bytes, network.packets and network.direction that were used in conn, dce/rpc, dns, http, ssl, smtp, x509 etc

How can I make them visible in pipeline? Just to really understand the situation, I have some charts that are using those fields and while migrating my arhitecture to last version I loose my chart functionality.

Could you please advise about how can I make them visible in the default pipelines?

Thank you for your answer!

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