Filbeat's system modules doesnt present on kibana

Hi there.
Im trying to configure my elk stack, with filebeat as shipping log.
When i've configured my filebeat system modules, the log doesnt present on kibana, in same time i alse configure filebeat's nginx modules, and the log is presented.

Anyone can help me?
here is my filbeat system config


Hi @Dimas_Djs,

Can you check that the files exist? Also you need to ensure Filebeat can access them:


Best regards

hi @exekias, thank you for your respond bro.
ive checked syslog path and auth .log path, in its still exist.

here is my filebeat log, i think filebeat can access them since the harvester for
/var/log/syslog and /var/log/auth.log have been started.

am i right?

Thank you before.

That looks correct,

There is an error though, it seems there is some issue writing to the registry file, did you modify default settings or permissions? It seems Filebeat cannot perform some needed operations there.

I dont modify any configuration of registry file.
And actually i dont really understand about this issue. :sweat_smile:
Do you have any idea about this issue @exekias?

Can you please report how did you deploy Filebeat, the version and your full filebeat.yml?

Hi @exekias
I deploy filebeat to kibana using elasticsearch .
and here is my configuration file

im using filbeat 6.2.3


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