"<file" and ">output" unsupported operation exception after indexing some files through logstash to elasticsearch

(Sriram Raviteja) #1

Im trying to index data through Logstash. which each document is of size 400kb. around 1500 documents.
got the following error. after indexing some data.
can any one help me . what this is about..
when left for some time and try indexing data again ,Able to index some data again.

(Colin Goodheart-Smithe) #2

This question is about Logstash and it would be best to ask it in the Logstash category. You will get more help on this there. You can change the category for this topic by editing the title of the topic and selecting Logstash from the dropdown list. If you have problems changing the category, let me know by replying here and I'll get it changed for you.

(system) #3