File beats should work on windows server 2008R2?

i am trying to start the file beat service it is throwing error. please help me.

Error is the service could not respond in timely fashion

How are you installing it as a service? IIRC Filebeat itself isn't service-capable so you'd have to be using some kind of wrapper executable.

By using powershell script

  • Which version are you using?
  • What is the command you are running to start it?
  • What is your configuration?

1.version 1.0.0
2. net start filebeat
3. $workdir = C:\filebeat-1.0.0-beta4-windows

create new service

New-Service -name filebeat -displayName filebeat
-binaryPathName "$workdir\filebeat.exe -c $workdir\filebeat.yml"

Does it work if you start Filebeat outside in a command prompt, i.e. not as a service?

yes i tried it is throwing the error message :
the service is not responded to the control function

No, that's not what I asked. I asked what happens if you don't run it as a service, i.e. does

C:\filebeat-1.0.0-beta4-windows\filebeat -c C:\filebeat-1.0.0-beta4-windows\filebeat.yml


Anyway, Filebeat itself doesn't function as a Windows service. I believe PowerShell's New-Service cmdlet just installs the necessary registry entries and requires the executable to respond to Windows' service callback, which Filebeat doesn't do. Look into NSSM or similar.

thanx service was started