File beats should work on windows server 2008R2?

(Lavanya Anne) #1

i am trying to start the file beat service it is throwing error. please help me.

Error is the service could not respond in timely fashion

(Magnus Bäck) #2

How are you installing it as a service? IIRC Filebeat itself isn't service-capable so you'd have to be using some kind of wrapper executable.

(Lavanya Anne) #3

By using powershell script

(ruflin) #4
  • Which version are you using?
  • What is the command you are running to start it?
  • What is your configuration?

(Lavanya Anne) #5

1.version 1.0.0
2. net start filebeat
3. $workdir = C:\filebeat-1.0.0-beta4-windows

create new service

New-Service -name filebeat -displayName filebeat
-binaryPathName "$workdir\filebeat.exe -c $workdir\filebeat.yml"

(Magnus Bäck) #6

Does it work if you start Filebeat outside in a command prompt, i.e. not as a service?

(Lavanya Anne) #7

yes i tried it is throwing the error message :
the service is not responded to the control function

(Magnus Bäck) #8

No, that's not what I asked. I asked what happens if you don't run it as a service, i.e. does

C:\filebeat-1.0.0-beta4-windows\filebeat -c C:\filebeat-1.0.0-beta4-windows\filebeat.yml


Anyway, Filebeat itself doesn't function as a Windows service. I believe PowerShell's New-Service cmdlet just installs the necessary registry entries and requires the executable to respond to Windows' service callback, which Filebeat doesn't do. Look into NSSM or similar.

(Lavanya Anne) #9

thanx service was started

(system) #10