File input plugin does not work

I am using logstash-2.1.1

This is my config file:

input {
file {
start_position => "beginning"
path => "/home/punit/Desktop/1.log"
output {
stdout {codec => rubydebug}

And when I run logstash using this configuration it gives me the following output:

Settings: Default filter workers: 2
Logstash startup completed
Logstash shutdown completed

What is wrong? Can anyone please help?

Logstash is waiting for more data to be added to the end of 1.log. To reset the Logstash's memory of the current position in 1.log, shut down Logstash, delete the sincedb file, and start it up again. See the file input's documentation for details about sincedb files and where they're located.

Thanks a lot @magnusbaeck :slightly_smiling: I will certainly look it up :thumbsup:

@magnusbaeck I deleted the sincedb files and started logstash again but not luck.

Increase the logging verbosity by starting Logstash with --verbose to get additional clues.

Thanks for the reply @magnusbaeck. I sort of fixed the problem though. I know this sounds a bit wierd but I was using the normal tarball of logstash and it wasn't working. It was not generating the sincedb files and also the "grok" filter wasn't working. So I downloaded the "all plugins" logstash tarball and everything works just fine now. I think the normal logstash tarball has bugs. Please fix those if any :slightly_smiling:

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