File input does not work (even when stdin does!)

This has been asked before but not sure if it has been resolved.

My logstash config file as a simple file input (specifying a single log file).

When executing, it doesn't read the log file. It does however work when I use stdin and copy/paste that same log file.

(using mac & have brew installed logstash)

The typical causes are:

  • The file is older than 24 hours and the file input's ignore_older option hasn't been adjusted.
  • start_position => beginning isn't set.
  • start_position => beginning is set, but the file input is for some reason tailing the file (e.g. because you added start_position => beginning after having started Logstash once for that file) and you need to delete the sincedb file while Logstash is shut down.

ok somehow it does indeed work now and i'm not sure what i changed (the worst type of debugging!)