Filebeat 5.3 sends to elasticsearch 7.0.1

I send to elasticsearch 5.3 by using filebeat 5.3 before.Now, a new elasticsearch(7.0.1) is installed into a new server.When I want to sends to elasticsearch(7.0.1) by filebeat 5.3.It seems that because elasticsearch(7.0.1) cannot loads the index template from filebeat(5.3). I see it output the error as follow():

	"error": {
		"root_cause": [{
			"type": "mapper_parsing_exception",
			"reason": "Root mapping definition has unsupported parameters:  [_default_ : {_meta={version=5.3.0}, dynamic_templates=[{strings_as_keyword={m......"
		"type": "mapper_parsing_exception",
		"reason": "Failed to parse mapping [_doc]: Root mapping definition has unsupported parameters:  [_default_ : {_meta={version=5.3.0}, dynamic_templa......",
		"caused_by": {
			"type": "mapper_parsing_exception",
			"reason": "Root mapping definition has unsupported parameters:  [_default_ : {_meta={version=5.3.0}......"
	"status": 400

1.It looks like I should alter filebeat(5.3)'s filebeat.template.json.What should I do.
2.The question could not be settled inabstracto. Upgrading is the only way.
I hope who can give me some guidance.Thanks

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Check out, but you will need to upgrade.

Very thanks for your share!
I will update my Beats^* and Logstash^* based on the Support Matrix.

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