Filebeat 503 method not allowed

Filebeat is attempting to send logs, but not working at all. Getting error below. HELP!!!!

2021-06-11T15:25:54.596-0400    DEBUG   [input] input/input.go:139      Run input
2021-06-11T15:25:54.597-0400    DEBUG   [input] log/input.go:205        Start next scan
2021-06-11T15:25:54.597-0400    DEBUG   [input] log/input.go:439        Check file for harvesting: /tmp/test
2021-06-11T15:25:54.597-0400    DEBUG   [input] log/input.go:530        Update existing file for harvesting: /tmp/test, offset: 268
2021-06-11T15:25:54.597-0400    DEBUG   [input] log/input.go:583        Harvester for file is still running: /tmp/test
2021-06-11T15:25:54.597-0400    DEBUG   [input] log/input.go:226        input states cleaned up. Before: 1, After: 1, Pending: 0
2021-06-11T15:25:59.599-0400    DEBUG   [harvester]     log/log.go:107  End of file reached: /tmp/test; Backoff now.
2021-06-11T15:26:01.845-0400    ERROR   [publisher_pipeline_output]     pipeline/output.go:154  Failed to connect to backoff(elasticsearch(http://IP:80/elasticsearch)): Connection marked as failed because the onConnect callback failed: failed to create alias: {"error":"Incorrect HTTP method for uri [/<filebeat-7.12.0-{now/d}-000001>] and method [PUT], allowed: [POST]","status":405}: 405 Method Not Allowed: {"error":"Incorrect HTTP method for uri [/<filebeat-7.12.0-{now/d}-000001>] and method [PUT], allowed: [POST]","status":405}

Hi @burtonrs Welcome to the community!

We can't help unless you post your filebeat configuration :slight_smile:


First thing I notice is Elasticsearch typically does not run on port 80 how did you install Elasticsearch?